Your values do they really matter?………………..Part Two

Today I would like to talk about values in relation to the idea of ‘Core Process’, as I think there could be a strong link between the two.

Careerresilience Values 1

Core Process is based on the idea that each one of us has a central or personal mission, a reason or purpose to our existence. It works best according to Nick Heap ( when our life/job is consistent with and supports our ‘Core Process’.

Our Core process runs through us ‘like a stick of rock’ and will show up in most aspects of our lives, our interests and hobbies as well as in our work.

So what is it? Well it is simply a two word phrase, consisting of a verb and a noun. So for example:

Creating Harmony

Creating Order

Generating ideas

Sharing knowledge

Finding ways

Just about any combination of verb and noun could be your ‘Core Process’. The trick is to identify the right combination for you. This can be difficult as it is such a natural part of you, that you are unlikely to fully notice it, although others might. But once you have identified them you will realise by the “surge of energy that you have hit upon the right phrase” (Nick Heap). It will just feel right for you.

I have a hunch however, that an individual’s ‘Core Process’ may well be directly related or founded on their core values. My ‘Core Process’ or mission is ‘promoting independence’ and I have been doing this throughout my life without always fully realising it.

This is I believe based on my core values of Freedom and Independence, Authenticity, and Sharing, particularly in relation to information and learning.

I really don’t want to see knowledge being available only to the ‘select few’. I struggle with ‘learned helplessness’ in others, I have never wanted to ‘do for’ but rather to help people to do for themselves. It has taken me a little while to ‘uncover’, my process and now I want to see how I can use it to take my business forward.

Might you want to do the same with your career or business? For more detailed information on discovering your Core, have a look at Nick Heap’s site,

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Career Coach and Writer at Blue Sky Career Consulting. I love to write and am currently juggling three different blogs. On a mission to discover how people can thrive and flourish in life and work.
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