What do you need the courage to ask for?

This story goes back to when I was employed full time, managing a small team as we were busy preparing to open up for business on the high street. At the time I can remember that we seemed to attract a fair amount of attention from local shoppers who were very keen to find out exactly what kind of shop we were going to be.

Courage to ask ....

Well we opened up, launched our shop and got going to a fair amount of local attention. Then one day, a young woman walked in and asked if we had any volunteer positions.

To be honest this wasn’t something that I had even considered, but there was something about the fact that she just simply came in and asked, that I admired.  I liked her direct and polite approach and she did admit a long, long time afterwards that she had been watching whilst we made our preparations and using the time to work up the courage to approach us.

So I said ‘I would look into it’, wasn’t quite sure what our policy was, but didn’t want to just dismiss her and her request out of hand. I thought at the very least she deserved a sensible answer and as I didn’t have one I could at least check it out.

Anyway to cut a long story short, we were able to offer her a voluntary position, which after a few months we were able to turn into a full- time, paid position. Not without some hiccups, I might add, but that’s probably best left to another post.

But I have always appreciated the courage it must have taken for her to walk into ‘our space’ and ask for an opportunity.

So my question for you this month is what do you need to gather the courage to ask for?

Might be of yourself, rather than of others.

A new career, a new outlook, permission to follow your dreams?

Whatever it is, as the saying goes, if you don’t ask the answer will always be no.’

Janice Taylor


About careerresilience

Career Coach and Writer at Blue Sky Career Consulting. I love to write and am currently juggling three different blogs. On a mission to discover how people can thrive and flourish in life and work.
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