Comfort or courage, which will you choose for 2016?

“You can have courage, or you can have comfort, but you cannot have both” – Brene Brown

Courage or comfort Careerresilience

The one quote that has just stuck with me over the past few years and one that has left me with a strong sense of ‘urgency’ and ‘agency’ to get things done, even if those actions have been accompanied by large doses of ‘discomfort’.

It seems to me that to fully realise our potential, we cannot remain in a permanent state of comfort. We will at some point have to take some risk and ‘stretch’ outside of our ‘comfort zone’.

So what might this mean for you?

Well it might mean…………..

  • Saying yes or no more clearly and intentionally, rather than ‘maybe’.
  • Making a start before everything is ‘perfectly’ in place.
  • Taking that first step:
  • Not waiting until you feel you have enough, confidence, ‘chutzpah’ to make a start
  • Being willing to explore and play with your options.
  • Trusting that the path will appear once you take the first step.
  • Telling people about what you want to achieve
  • Asking for the help you need to make the changes you want.
  • Sharing your dream with the people who will support you, they can’t help unless they know.
  • Trying new things, just because they are new. Matt Cutts, on Ted talks about trying something new for 30 days.

So as you look back over 2015, think about the times you chose courage over comfort what happened?

Some examples for me,

  • Auditioning to sing as part of the ‘performance choir at Brighton Goes Gospel’. I start with them next term.
  • Finally posting my blogs directly on LinkedIn Pulse, have been avoiding this for months.
  • Creating and posting videos, to get myself in front of the technology I already own.
  • Actively following up with new connections on LinkedIn, the worst that can happen is that they don’t reply.

Those times when I chose comfort over courage………….

  • Completing my e-books, but they are still happily ‘gathering dust’ on my computer
  • Not following up with all opportunities to promote my work
  • Thinking more about the short term pain, than the long term gain.
  • Not always making the most of existing contacts on LinkedIn

So as you look back over 2015, what stands out for you? Was it a year of moving forward or one of ‘treading water’? Whichever it was only you can make the decision about how 2016 will go.

Happy holidays
Janice Taylor

About careerresilience

Career Coach and Writer at Blue Sky Career Consulting. Love to write and am currently juggling three different blogs. On a mission to discover how people can thrive rather than just survive in life and work.
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