The movie was just the start…..Part one

What we can learn from Walt Disney

Was originally going to write about Walt Disney’s creativity strategy, but whilst checking through my sources came across this 1957 info graphic.

Careerresilience April 2016

I was both distracted and intrigued by this 1957 info-graphic, as it clearly shows a man with a strong vision. Walt Disney didn’t just churn out movies he had the vision to plan out a strategic pathway for each one, so he could fully leverage the content in terms of books, comics, merchandising, music, parks etc.

He identified different ways of leveraging the content and putting it to work in ways relevant to his audience, whilst ensuring that each pathway didn’t overlap and impede the progress of another. It was as much about timing as leverage.

Had wondered in the past why Disney didn’t release movies as a series, now I realise that each movie needs the time, exposure and planning to fully reach its potential. Clever not to confuse or muddy the waters with too many of them at the same time.

So as I watch successful Bloggers, YouTubers, coaches, trainers, writers etc. do the same with their content it occurs to me that those with more traditional employment patterns might well be able to take a similar approach to leveraging their career highlights and achievements.

If this applies to you, you might with careful and thoughtful timing, leverage your own career achievements and highlights by:

  • Promoting and sharing them with friends, colleagues and family in person and via social media.
  • Using them to open up and explore new opportunities
  • Using them to access development and training
  • Highlighting them on your CV as a pathway to future career change or new role.
  • Reviewing the skills gained through the achievement, what went well, what obstacles you had to overcome.
  • Using it as a positive story in an interview situation
  • Recognising your patterns of achievement
  • Identifying situations where you more naturally shine
  • Identifying when and where you are at your best
  • Identifying your particular strengths
  • Linking them to your values
  • Linking them to your interests

In this day and age, perhaps we do need to be taking more of a Walt Disney approach to managing our careers. Looking for more creative ways to brand, share and promote the skills we have.

Think that’s about it for today, but will be revisiting this topic.

Until next time

Janice Taylor


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Career Coach and Writer at Blue Sky Career Consulting. I love to write and am currently juggling three different blogs. On a mission to discover how people can thrive and flourish in life and work.
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