Making sure your dreams are big enough ………….

  • To include your values, your aspirations, your beliefs and anything else you want to chuck in there.

Quite some time ago I published a post on values and how they might be related to a process called ‘Core Process’ designed and developed to help people identify and articulate their personal mission.

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So whatever your ‘Process’ is, it is described simply as a two-word phrase, the first word being a verb and the second a noun.

So, Creating Harmony, Promoting Peace, Creating Order are examples of individual ‘Core Process’.

The whole point of ‘Core Process’, is to identify that ‘something‘ that excites, engages and energises you, but also that ‘something’ that runs through you like writing through a stick of rock.

It’s likely that’s it’s related to your core values and something that shows up in most areas of your life, both consciously and unconsciously. A colleague of mine often relates the story of one of the delegate on their course, tidying and straightening up the training room. It then turned out their core process was ‘Creating Order’.

Mine was identified over four years ago but then it felt ‘too out there’ for me to really pursue or share. So much so that in my original post (link below), I chose to reword it, so it was in the same ‘ballpark’ but sounded more sensible, more ‘acceptable’ and not so ‘Woo Woo’.

Now fast forward to today, and I’ve come to realise and accept that it is a very big part of who I am, it’s not going anywhere despite my attempts to ignore it. It is determined to play a ‘big part’ in my dreams and aspirations and anything that attempts to ‘ignore’ it, or ‘down play’ it, is too small and just will not work.   So what is it?

Releasing Freedom ………

Have always known that freedom is a big value of mine, freedom to study, freedom to choose, freedom to learn, freedom to live but now I am taking full ownership of my ‘Process’ and recognising that for me at least it needs to be released.

And I think it…….

  • Explains why I have become increasingly impatient and frustrated with the ‘world of work’ as it currently is and have decided to become involved in another type of business.
  • Explains why I have become more concerned and focused on finding ways to actively thrive
  • Explains why I am thinking more in terms of how people can future proof their futures and not just their careers.
  • Explains why I feel compelled to spend time by the beach, reading, writing, social media-ing and dreaming.
  • Explains my fascination with all things social media, I see so much potential and opportunity here for individuals, communities to create, build and share.
  • Explains why I have always been more interested in resilience and people being able to take full ownership and control of their careers.
  • Explains why I am probably largely unemployable (in the traditional sense), at this stage of my life and career.
  • Explains why I am so intrigued and attracted to network marketing and the potential and possibilities I see here.
  • Explains why I may not be the right coach for you if you are focused on a more ‘traditional’ career path, however I may well be right for you, if you want to ‘bust out’.

So what is my vision, my dream?

To be honest, it’s not fully in focus at the moment but once it is, I do know it’s going to be as big as I can possibly make it.

Not unlike Mr Magorium’s response to his doctor, when he is asked what the Eric Applebaum character is doing, in the film Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, “making sure I have enough space to sleep” while Eric creates a ‘real’ night sky for him in hospital.

So there you have it, until next time.

PS to read the original post, click on the link below:

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