Brains in your head, feet in your shoes…

From the wonderful Dr Seuss: –

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

With these wonderfully wise words available to us and all the mobile technology at our ‘finger tips’, why do we spend so much of our time ‘glued’ to our desks or the same work spaces?


In a time of mobile phones, tablets, lap tops and Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and 5G, why are we so immobile? Particularly in regard to the greatest piece of mobile equipment, that we all have access to, one that predates all others, ‘our brains’.

Where ‘we go, they go’ and they generally benefit most from a change of scene, pace and perspective. Everything else, probably doesn’t really care…..

I was reminded of the Dr Seuss quote by Jill Suttie’s article:

How nature Boosts Kindness, Happiness, and Creativity

“We are spending more time indoors and online. But recent studies suggest that nature can help our brains and bodies to stay healthy”

To read the full article, please visit.

It also caught my eye as I have very recently, published a post on kindness in the workplace, and the difference it can make. So, I am intrigued by anything that has the potential to boost levels of kindness and compassion in the workplace.

In his book, ‘Your Brain at Work, David Rock observes that so many of our work environments are not designed to support the way our brains work best.

Too many of us are working or trying to work with too many distractions, too much noise, stress and general angst.

Our brains are natural ‘problem solvers’ that is what they are designed to do. But I suspect that many of us are probably ‘getting in the way’ or pushing our brains too hard or too much in the wrong direction.

So perhaps a walk outside in nature, as Jill Suttie suggests without all our other ‘gadgetry’, may well help to ‘relieve attention fatigue and increase creativity’.

I consider myself very lucky to live by the sea and over the years have noticed how much it enhances my sense of well-being, especially if I regularly and consistently spend time at the beach.


Quite simply, being by the sea gives me:

  • Perspective and peace as I go to look at something bigger than myself and my ‘problems’.
  • Routine and exercise as I work a lot from home, my weekly goal is to walk along the beach at least three times a week.
  • Space and time to think, ideas flow a little more easily when I am by the sea.
  • Clarity and focus as the ‘fog’ shifts and I allow my brain to do what it does best, create, problem solve, produce solutions with little interference from me. I can get out of ‘my own way’.
  • A new outdoor office as I can write, make notes and catch up with any messages whilst I enjoy a cup of tea. (This is where the rest of your mobile technology, comes into its own)
  • An increased sense of vigour as I return to my home office for the afternoon to act on and assimilate the ideas that have ‘popped’ into my head.
  • Community and a sense of belonging as I start to notice the people who regularly appear on the beach and the familiar faces at the cafes where I regularly stop. As a matter of fact, at one regular haunt, the staff are already preparing my habitual ‘Earl Grey’ as I walk through the door.

So, with all this, isn’t about time you took your ‘brain’ and ‘steered’ your feet outside to find a bit of nature?

Until next time

Janice Taylor


About careerresilience

Career Coach and Trainer at Blue Sky Career Consulting. Love to write and am currently juggling with four different blogs . Busy exploring ideas around how people can thrive in career and life.
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