Bold and ‘Badass’ or Fierce and Free? …

What words would you use to describe your ‘inner Diva’?

I was fascinated, recently to come across Jackie Huba’s TedTalk; ‘Unleash the power of your inner drag queen’.

In her talk, Jackie, describes the events that led her to becoming a ‘drag queen’ and the impact it had on her career and  life.

..female drag queen, Jackie Huba delivers a talk that showcases the need to embrace the transformative abilities of your flexible personas. Recorded at TEDx Vancouver at Rogers Arena on November 14, 2015”

To watch Jackie’s talk, click here.


Seeing this talk, reminded me of the phrase, often associated with self-confidence ‘fake it until you make it‘. Must admit, I have always struggled a little with this concept and have  never been quite able to make up my mind over it.

But the idea of adopting a ‘persona’, that might support the development and enhancement of self-confidence and self-esteem is another idea altogether.

So, I hit the books and ‘Google’ for some definitions:

1)The aspect of someone’s character that is presented to or perceived by others.

‘her public persona’


2) a) an assumed identity or character. b) (in Jungian psychology) the mechanism that conceals a person’s true thoughts and feelings, especially in his {her} adaption to the outside world. (Latin: mask)

Source: The Collins English Dictionary, ISBN 0 00 433135-4

I was interested to find the definitions suggesting that a ‘persona’ is an aspect of your character and that you can choose to present it publicly. The second definition is interesting too as it suggests that an individual for right or wrong, might adopt a ‘persona’ to hide from the world what they truly think and feel.

You could also argue that a ‘persona’ could just as easily be used to do the exact opposite. It might even make it ‘easier’ and perhaps more ‘acceptable’ for certain messages to be shared.

So, having watched Jackie Huba’s talk, and listened to her speak on another platform I became more curious about my own ‘persona’, and how she might emerge a bit more often to support me in my life and work.

And so, today, I’m choosing to look at my own ‘persona‘, who happens to be a bit of a ‘Diva’, and is that unreasonable, outrageous and ‘out there’ part of my character that emerges only very occasionally.  I did as Jackie suggested and thought hard about the people I have admired over the years and remembered I had written about this a few years ago, in a post:

People you admire, warts and all,  to read click here.

It turns out that my ‘Diva’ is a mixture of Madonna (Madge would, definitely feature now), Elizabeth Ist, Winston Churchill and my Gran.

In my head I see a ‘cigar toting’, black woman, who owns an extensive collection of Afro wigs and takes ‘no sh*t’.


Her name in honour of my gran is Miss Winnie, though I need to state categorically that my gran would disapprove of the swearing and the cigar.

And before anyone writes in, this is my persona ‘warts and all’ so it’s fine if you don’t like her, just go and create your own.

But, this is all very well and good, but when might I choose to access Miss Winnie and bring her out to support me?

Or indeed, put her back in her box?

I’m noticing that she is emerging more as I get older, certainly in my writing and how I tell my story.

I might bring her out a bit more when I’m networking and presenting myself and my business. Miss Winnie is starting to get a bit more involved with my parenting. Sometimes this is helpful and sometimes, not so much.

There may even be times when she emerges whilst I’m coaching, who knows?

More broadly, you might choose to access your own ‘Diva’ when you need to:

  • Make an important presentation
  • Ask the tough questions or deal with the ‘elephant in the room’
  • Manage feelings of fearfulness and overwhelm
  • Assert yourself professionally or personally, when feeling intimidated by a person or situation
  • Say no – when you need to say no…
  • Say yes – when you need to say yes..
  • Accept who you are ‘warts and all’…

So, there you have it, until next time.

Janice Taylor

PS I also want to acknowledge and thank Joy Marsden for her inspiring talk at the Phil Jones, Professional Network Marketers event I was lucky enough to attend in January, this year. Joy’s talk was all about Stepping Up, Stepping Out and Standing Out. To find out more visit her site: Joy Marsden



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