‘The people you admire, warts an’ all’ ……

Who are the people you have a high regard for, despite their flaws or maybe even because of them? Maybe they have had a strong influence on your life and career choices or played a role in formulating your world view?

I first wrote about this in November 2010, where my list included, Elizabeth I and Scarlet O’Hara, now, seven years on as I review my list I realise that there are certain traits and behaviours these characters may share, that I continue to notice and admire in people today.

Careerresilence tough and focused


To those stubborn and ‘bloody minded’ people I know who just refuse to accept second best – I salute you.

To those whose attention to detail and determination to get things right, drives me mad at times – I salute you.

To those who are completely committed to their cause and uncompromising in their pursuit of excellence – I salute you.

To the people who continue to try and give things a go, and don’t allow their age and gender to limit them – I salute you

To the quietly determined people, who don’t posture and impose but get things done on their terms – I salute you.

To those people whose strength of character shows up in regular acts of kindness and compassion – I salute you.

To those who have the courage to stand up and be counted, in the face of social media and everything else – I salute you.

And my list today would still include:

Careerresilience Sept 22 2017

Elizabeth, I –  I am still completely captivated and fascinated by this monarch, impressed by her intellect and bravery, especially in the early years of her reign. Elizabeth managed to keep her wits about her when accused by her sister Mary of plotting to overthrow her. And I have always wondered, what must it have been like growing up knowing that your father was responsible for the death of your mother, yet still having to show him due reverence and respect at his court. Then having to constantly adapt to an ever-changing political reality.

Scarlet O’Hara – Maybe not a politically correct choice, but as the original exercise allowed for fictional characters, I included her because when the ‘chips were down’ with food shortages and other deprivations this spoiled, pampered girl, rolled up her sleeves and simply did what was needed to keep food on the table. Even as things look grim right at the end, her determined optimism, “Tomorrow is another day” still resonates with me today.

Winston Churchill – In my view, the right man for the right job at exactly the right time. He clearly had to make some very tough decisions, in some very tough times. Whilst also rallying a nation behind him with some truly inspiring speeches. For me it is enough to say, “cometh the hour, cometh the man”.

My Gran –  because she lived her life to the beat of her own drum and was her own woman. Fun, mischievous, incredibly beautiful and a little bit of a Diva, I think.

And now I would also add:

Diane Abbott – simply because she came back and is still in public office doing her thing, despite the media storm during the last election.

To all these people I salute you………….

So, there you have it, who would you have on your list?

Until next time
Janice Taylor


Adapted from original post in https://pittabread.wordpress.com/



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