Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom…

My tongue in cheek homage to Baldrick’s war poem, ‘The German Guns’ from Black Adder Goes Forth. It starts and ends with Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom.

Careerresilence May 2020

So, without further ado, I give you:

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom…

Some pointers –

  • For the love of God, mute yourself. No need for the rest of us to hear every sniffle, cough, crunch, and rustle emitted from wherever.
  • Look at your screen, to see who is talking so you can wait your turn. We cannot all talk at the same time, but then please, please do not take all day to make your point.
  • Plan and prepare ahead of time. Make your tea, coffees, go to the loo, switch off your oven, hang out your washing, do all this before the call. Do not be the one person continually popping in and out of view.

If you need a break, here is a tiny clip of Baldrick, doing his thing, enjoy:

  • Sort your internet connection and pay heed when someone messages to say you have frozen. Or when you can no longer see or hear anyone.
  • All pets are a welcome distraction, except screeching parrots.
  • Unmute yourself when you finally have something exciting or useful to say.
  • Arrange your face, or to put it another way, set it to neutral. No one needs to see your eye rolls.
  • Say your goodbye once, maybe twice and then get out quick. Do not get caught up in prolonged and protracted goodbyes.

So, there you have it, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom.

Glad to get that off my chest 🤪.

Until next time.

Janice Taylor


About careerresilience

Career Coach and Writer at Blue Sky Career Consulting. I love to write and am currently juggling three different blogs. On a mission to discover how people can thrive and flourish in life and work.
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