Twelve steps to a successful career

Be aware – know your environment. Know the terrain in which you operate. Who are the leaders, influencers, competitors, and innovators within your industry? In other words, know the major players in your field.

Careeresilience 1 Sept 2020

Build a reputation – be the person who is consistent, reliable and delivers. You want to be the person who others find is a joy to work with.

Embrace change – learn to embrace change, treat it as a friend, a welcome guest as it is going to show up anyway.

Build a network – then maintain it, like a garden. Nurture and sustain your relationships, do not just show up when you need something. Know the people who you can trust, the people who genuinely celebrate you.

Build a team – around you, of friends, colleagues, a mentor or two, specifically to help you on your career journey. Do not try and do everything by yourself. Find people that you can catch up with regularly to share experiences, news, celebrate career successes.

Try something new – take some risks, push yourself out of your comfort zone on occasion, you will not know until you try.

Update yourself – keep your skills and knowledge as up to date as you can. What tools and techniques should you have under your belt? Remember your interpersonal as well as technical and IT skills.

Careerresilence 3 Sept 2020

Learn how to learn – no one fully knows how work will look in the future, so those who can adapt, learn, and apply their learning are more likely to thrive.

Continue learning – become a life-long learner, be curious about what you can learn and where it might take you. Review your learning regularly.

Maintain balance – whatever it looks like for you, do what you need to, to recharge, refresh and renew.

Know yourself – understand your strengths, skills, any gaps you might need to fill. Understand your stressors, your limits. Understand what lights you up, energises you? Notice what makes your heart sing and what makes it sinks.

Take ownership – your career is ultimately your responsibility, plain and simple. No one else has a bigger stake in it.

There you have it, my reflections on what it might take to create a successful career. Please do let me know if I have missed anything?

Until next time

Janice Taylor


About careerresilience

Career Coach and Writer at Blue Sky Career Consulting. I love to write and am currently juggling three different blogs. On a mission to discover how people can thrive and flourish in life and work.
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