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How not to build and treat a team……….

This month’s post is based on a short story I wrote and first shared in August 2016, and for reasons not entirely clear to me it’s popped into my head more recently. So, I’ve decided to give it another airing. … Continue reading

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Engaged and loving your job?

What I learnt from our family trips to the zoo Employee engagement and why it might be lacking in some workplaces has been of interest to me for some time and I have been asking myself; why is work so … Continue reading

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Vulnerability and Leadership………………..

Recently, I have been reflecting on the relationship between vulnerability and leadership, for two reasons, really: One, after years of quoting Brene Brown’s “You can have courage, or you can have comfort, but you can’t have both” I finally read, … Continue reading

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Striving for excellence …………

What it might take to achieve excellence in your field of endeavour. Getting the balance right between outcome and process. Continue reading

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Creating a team with synergy and strength ………..

What it might take to create synergy and strength, within a team. Introduction to our team bonding days. Continue reading

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Would the well ‘hidden’ leader please stand up?

What one word would you use to describe yourself as a leader? First saw this posed as a question on a LinkedIn discussion some months ago and my immediate and instantaneous reaction was ‘reluctant’ – I only step out in … Continue reading

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