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How not to build and treat a team……….

This month’s post is based on a short story I wrote and first shared in August 2016, and for reasons not entirely clear to me it’s popped into my head more recently. So, I’ve decided to give it another airing. … Continue reading

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Engaged and loving your job?

What I learnt from our family trips to the zoo Employee engagement and why it might be lacking in some workplaces has been of interest to me for some time and I have been asking myself; why is work so … Continue reading

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Creating a team with synergy and strength ………..

What it might take to create synergy and strength, within a team. Introduction to our team bonding days. Continue reading

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The patience of a manager………………….

“Don’t worry Janice, I know you can do it” – These are the words my manager would deliver to me at the end of each Saturday, as it became apparent that I hadn’t reached my sales target for that week. … Continue reading

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You don’t always know, what you don’t know

Today’s post is based on the competence/incompetence model, generally attributed to Abraham Maslow. I like to explore models from time to time as over the years I have found them to be a useful way of starting a coaching conversation. … Continue reading

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An excellent manager…..

I still remember with great affection, one of my manager’s from my very first job after graduating. Let’s call him Steve, the Production Control manager who was responsible for keeping track of all the different component parts needed to make … Continue reading

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