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Choosing to thrive, despite how I feel………….

As I write this, I must admit that for a variety of reasons October and November are difficult months for me. It’s the same each year as I find that everything drops like a stone, my energy levels, confidence and … Continue reading

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It’s never just about the notes or the words..

The similarities between learning to play the piano and working as a coach. Continue reading

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What keeps you going, when times are tough?

What keeps you going when times are tough and work isn’t going so well or it just feels like you are ‘wading through treacle’? Your progress seems inordinately slow and you might even wonder if you are in fact moving … Continue reading

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Energy, engagement and enjoyment, Part two

Part one originally was originally published in October 2015 , so time I think to return to this topic and consider more deeply what might lie behind someone having attained a high level of skill in their field and yet experience little … Continue reading

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Bold and ‘Badass’ or Fierce and Free? …

An alternative way to help bolster your self confidence and self esteem. Continue reading

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Learning to dance on a shifting carpet……

‘In an uncertain world instead of seeing the rug from being pulled from under us we learn to dance on a shifting carpet’ – Thomas F. Crum This quote always makes me laugh as I imagine myself ‘skipping’ and ‘hopping’ … Continue reading

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A bit of business ‘Sparkle’………………

In recent months there has been a ‘shift’ in my attitude towards running my business and this I believe is most noticeable in how I now approach networking. Towards the end of last year I made the decision to start … Continue reading

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You don’t always know, what you don’t know

Today’s post is based on the competence/incompetence model, generally attributed to Abraham Maslow. I like to explore models from time to time as over the years I have found them to be a useful way of starting a coaching conversation. … Continue reading

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The power of encouragement….

I came across this story very recently and it made me think about the power and nature of consistent and reliable encouragement: “Not long ago, the world watched as three grey whales, icebound of Point Barrow, Alaska, floated battered and … Continue reading

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How often are you at your best?

How do you experience being at your best and what do you notice about yourself?

I know when I am operating a my best, I experience a level of ‘calmness’ and ‘focused energy’ that seems to come from almost nowhere. I become aware that I am moving through the situation or task with grace and ease and that I am completely absorbed and engaged with it. Continue reading

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