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You will never …………………..

It was whilst listening to Kenton Cool on Saturday Live a few weeks ago, describe the moment when he was told how he would never walk again without the aid of a stick, that made me ask. “What happens to … Continue reading

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Life after a sudden loss of ‘face’ and role………..

Since the election I have been reflecting on what it must be like to very suddenly and publicly lose your job and role. How do you ‘pull yourself together’ and successfully manage your way through such a ‘sudden’ and ‘disruptive’ … Continue reading

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Resilience and having a game plan ready, just in case

Found this story in last month’s UCB and it made me wonder are there some decisions we need to make well ahead of time so we can act quickly and decisively when required? The story starts with a plane ride … Continue reading

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Why being ‘curious’ is good for you and your career

  Curiosity and empathy are in my view the two characteristics that underpin resilience, underpin and individual’s ability to either ‘bounce back’ or ‘bounce through’ a difficult event or situation. So for today I am going to focus on ‘being … Continue reading

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When the going gets tough…………………..

There are times in life when perhaps it is better not to have, all the facts, not to be completely aware of all the complexities and emotional turmoil that may be involved with a piece of work.

I say this as someone who recently delivered a piece of work in a pretty challenging environment and if I had known what I know now, I may well have decided to give it a miss. Sometimes ignorance really is ‘bliss’. Continue reading

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Preparing for a rainy day, energy and focus…………….

Today’s blog is about what you can do to store up your reserves of energy and focus. It is about developing the habits that will sustain and support you in readiness for any ‘tough times’.  So here are the five … Continue reading

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Staying calm under pressure

Today’s blog is to help you if you find yourself in situations at work where you could so easily lose your composure. If you are finding yourself in situations where you could so easily get caught up in the ‘emotional … Continue reading

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